Birth Control Decision Tool

A mobile experience to help individuals choose a method that aligns with their reproductive and lifestyle values.


Our challenge was to design a mobile experience that allows individuals to learn about, compare, and choose from a variety of birth control methods.

Our client, the FemTech Collaborative, is creating a suite of digital tools that help people clarify their reproductive health values and goals, navigate preference-sensitive decisions, and communicate with providers. Given the nuance and robust medical topic of birth control, we proposed a mobile design to the Collaborative as part of our studio course.

With Carol Ho & Kate Zhang

Advised by Raelynn O’Leary, Ashley Deal, & staff from FemTech Collaborative
6 weeks (Spring 2020)
CMU Interaction Design Studio
Design Research, Concept Development, Interaction Design, Prototyping


There is a history of reproductive oppression in the U.S., but there is a growing movement towards reproductive autonomy.

We met with our client (the Director of the FemTech Collaborative) to understand the birth control landscape and learned that there are multilevel factors (sociocultural to relational to structural) that shape people’s perception of contraceptive methods. Often, choosing birth control can leave individuals feeling overwhelmed, confused, and misguided.

Our goal was to propose a mobile experience that allows individuals to confidently choose birth control based on both medical and value-sensitive information.


A mobile-friendly decision tool that recommends birth control methods based on lifestyle and reproductive health values.

The tool features a questionnaire that recommends methods based on personal values as well as the ability to browse and compare among 18 different birth control options. I wrote an article about the project for CMU School of Design. 

Clear call-to-actions

Browse & compare methods

Interactive Questionnaire

Personalized recommendations