ELE | e-literacy for everyone

Education platform for parents and children to develop digital literacy habits.


Our challenge was to design a service for adult learners, with a focus on learning that happens outside of traditional education settings.

Our team extended the user base to include families to address the spike in screen time during the COVID pandemic. We used a service design framework to find ways families can navigate safe, secure, and appropriate digital interactions.

With Anna Boyle, Erica Weston, & William Su

Advised by Molly Steenson & Daphne Peters
8 weeks (Spring 2020)
CMU Service Design
Service Design, Design Research, Conceptual Design, Interaction Design, Conversational Design
Figma, Autodesk Fusion 360


When classes went remote, COVID-19 shed light on the digital divide across homes.

According to the Pew Research Center, 15% of U.S. households with school-age children do not have high-speed internet. This divide includes a lack of access to devices, leaving some students with only a cellphone to complete homework. Addressing this divide will better prepare students for a future that relies heavily on navigating a digital world. Our goals were to:
  • Understand how families navigate digital literacy
  • Research the service landscape
  • Design digital and physical touchpoints for a cohesive service experience


ELE is an education platform for parents and children to learn collaboratively about safe and secure digital literacy habits.

The service features a partnership with Google’s Be Internet Awesome Initiative and includes multichannel touchpoints (tablet app, chatbot, and physical course tracker). We submitted our service idea to the OpenIDEO COVID-19 Reimagine Learning Challenge

Tablet App & Chatbot

Course Tracker