Motional Aero

Conversational User Interface for Fully Autonomous Rideshare Service


Our challenge was to design a conversational interface for the future of mobility.

Virtual assistants have become commonplace - from our homes to our vehicles. Given this technology trend, our brief was to design a multimodal conversational interface for automobiles in the year 2025.

With Alice Chen, Hannah Kim, & Catherine Yochum

Advised by Dina El Zanfaly & Kyuha Shim
7 weeks (Fall 2020)
CMU Interaction Design Studio
Design Research, Conceptual Design, Conversational Design, Motion Design, Interaction Design
Figma, After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Illustrator


According to, close to 130 million U.S. drivers use in-car assistants and this number is expected to grow.

However, the current user experience is far from ideal and is limited in its capability. Additionally, self-driving cars presents a new set of potential interactions that have yet to be fully experienced by the public. To address this problem space, our goals were to:
  • Understand the current landscape and emerging trends within the automotive industry
  • Apply conversational design principles to develop a multimodal system
  • Speculate five years out and produce a design concept for the future of mobility


Motional Aero is a fully autonomous rideshare service, which includes an intelligent virtual assistant, for environmentally and economically conscious travelers.

The system features a mobile app and an in-vehicle interface for a seamless multimodal experience.


Personalized recommendations

Spontaneous sightseeing

Passenger negotiations