Manual: The Pulse of Humanity

A a design thinking manual to help ground designers in the power of human connection and the richness of a lived experience.
Graduate Student
Design Thinking Seminar with Jonathan Chapman
Carnegie Mellon University
6 weeks - Fall 2019

This book is for designers who wish to be rooted in human connection by cultivating a practice of understanding what binds us, what separates us, what terrorizes us, and what challenges us. In essence, to have a finger on the pulse of humanity.

Research, design, and produce a design thinking manual while giving an overview of key debates and providing my own set of design thinking tools and methods. 
Designed, wrote, and bound a workbook of exercises and reflections that designers can practice in their everyday lives to root themselves in the richness of a lived experience. 
Tools used
ProCreate Bookbinding



design thinking and love

At first, I was intrigued by the idea of relating design thinking to being in love. For example, you lose track of time when you’re with someone you love - similar to a state of flow that occurs during design thinking. You also can’t be complacent in a relationship, conditions are constanlty changing and there is no real “end goal.” Similarly, designers often strive for states that do not yet exist and work within dynamic environments.