Concept Ideation

We used generative brainstorming exercises to identify potential adult learning services. 

We pitched storyboards to each other and identified themes such as health literacy, tech literacy, resource finding, and environmental issues. As a team, we came up with four distinct concepts to pitch to our peers in a speed-dating activity:

  • Employer fitness program
  • Financial literacy experience for individuals with special needs
  • Service for caregivers of older adults
  • Tech literacy service for older adults

After receiving feedback on our concepts, we decided to narrow in on the caregiver idea and set out to understand the current landscape so that we could identify service gaps and design opportunities.

We decided to pivot our concept due to the pandemic.

We were interested in designing a learning service for for caregivers of older adults with dementia. However, soon after we went virtual due to the pandemic, connecting with stakeholders in this demographic seemed even more difficult than we had originally anticipated.

Considering the current environment and our limited resources, we decided to explore an alternative user base to focus our project on. This led us to the caregiver relationship between parents and children. We had a hunch that parents and children would be navigating an unprecedented amount of screen time given the pandemic so we came to team decision to pivot concept to this new demographic and pain point.