human connection: breaking it down

The main crux of the book is broken up into three chapters that prompt action and reflection. The intro and conclusion include activties that prompt the reader to map their ecosystem of connections and then revisit and remap it after completing the majority of the activities in the book.

To expand is to open and unfold the environments within which we live in and help build. The process promotes a level of awareness that pulls back the curtain on a never-ending world of possibilities. When designers expand, they choose to understand what is in order to imagine what could be.


To strengthen is to break past the surface level of a relationship through repeated, intentional interactions. Each interaction builds upon itself in a positive way. When designers strengthen a connection, they choose to invest time in getting to know someone they respect and value.


To deepen is to make your understanding more complete through a connection with yourself and those you trust. The process involves a vulnerability and willingness to unravel to work through the intricacies of life. When designers deepen, they choose to understand where we are coming from and help take responsibility for where we are going.