We designed mobile and in-vehicle screen displays to accomodate multimodal interactions.

By reaching out to Motional, we found out that the current car model includes 800x480px headrest-mounted screens. In addition to car screens, Motional Aero will have a mobile app. 

Low-Fidelity Wireframes

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes

After receiving feedback on our wireframes, we pivoted our design to make better use of the screen real estate.

Specifically for the in-car screens, we realized that:
  • The perspective map is not helpful for passengers if it does not also provide additional information such as 3D buildings. Instead, we decided to incorporate a 2D map. 
  • Aero’s placement in the top is a bit awkward and sometimes takes up too much space. We moved Aero to the top right with it’s own “panel” to ground it.
  • The top trip tracker is cluttered and the gradient does not match the “confident” personality of Aero. We decided to remove the top tracker altogether.