inspiration from literature and podcasts

We spent the first half of the semester reading design thinking literature and discussing its pros and pitfalls as a class. I resonated with the Zen Buddhist attitude of the “beginner’s mind,” William Isaac’s principle of participation that promotes active observation, and Lucy Kimbell’s assertion that designers can be interpretors of culture and creaters of new cultural form.

Outside of the literature, I was inspired by podcasts such as Ologies, On Being, and the Design Better podcast by InVision. This helped me place design thinking within a context both outside of design and within industry practice.

Visually, I relied on tools like Pinterest and to collect images that inspired me.

Suzuki, Shunryu. Zen Mind Beginners Mind. Weatherhill, Inc, 1970. Isaacs, William. Dialogue: The Art of Thinking Together. Crown Business, 1999. Kimbell, Lucy. Rethinking Design Thinking: Part I. Design and Culture, 2011.