Aero doesn’t just help you get from point A to B, it encourages adventure, curiosity, and connection.

Aero’s visual identity is professional and confident with elements pulled from Motional and Aptiv. It has a dark user interface to help reduce eye strain in the car. The strong purple is reserved for Aero so that it easily catches passengers’ attention. Similar to Motional and Aptiv, our interface features thin stroke pictograms and a strong sans-serif type. 

Users can type in a pickup location or set a pin. Ride preferences gives users the opportunity to travel based on their mood.

Trip details are provided in both map and itinerary view. Users select their seat for seamless integration into the car experience.

Personalized Recommendations

Aero makes personalized itinerary recommendations based on passenger preferences and schedule.

Passenger Privacy

During rideshares, Aero switches into private mode by limiting sensitive information shown on the in-car screen display. 

Spontaneous Sightseeing

Aero lets passengers know about famous landmarks and potential photo-ops which encourages travelers to connect with one another and learn more about their surroundings.

Multi-Passenger Needs

Aero remains flexible during a rideshare and can adjust depending on passengers’ needs.