SyncUp is a multisensory experience that includes a wearable device to enhance nonverbal communication between a conductor and musicians in a remote setting.

Wearable device
During rehearsal, the device translates the conductor’s directions into real-time haptic and light feedback on a musician’s wrist.

AI-informed dashboard
After rehearsal, the conductor is able to review the recording with AI-informed data such as which musicians were off-tempo. 


Scenario 1:  Synchronous Remote Rehearsal
A conductor meets with her ensemble to rehearse online. The musicians rely on their wearable device to know the tempo the conductor is setting as well as when they are being cued in.

Starting Rehearsal
Cuing In 

Scenario 2: Rehearsal Review & Individual Practice
The conductor reviews the rehearsal recording and gives asynchronous feedback to musicians on how they can improve. The musicians rely on the wearable device to help them practice according to the conductor’s feedback.

Individual Practice