focus on the socio-technical system

20 staff interviewed
This was the first project that incorporated user experience design at the PIC and I was trusted to lead the process.

We succeeded in designing an online application that students understood and found easy to use as confirmed by user testing and growth in student applicants since launch. Later that summer, we heard anecdotally that students and employers were satisfied with the process. The PIC would benefit from finding a formalized way to evaluate if the matches were better as intended.

Unfortunately, we did not succeed in designing staff workflows to accompany the new digital tool. Once the application launched, there was a clear breakdown in staff operations that created backlogs and confusion.

To help identify how to improve staff operations, the last project I completed at the PIC was a set of one-on-one staff interviews. I translated my research insights into a presentation for the project team and a comprehensive “debrief” document for senior leadership.