Research Insights

There is a history of reproductive oppression in the U.S., but there is a growing movement towards reproductive autonomy.

We met with our client (the Director of the FemTech Collaborative) to learn more about the current birth control landscape. The Collaborative has researched the multilevel factors (sociocultural to relational to structural) that shape people’s perception of contraceptive methods.

We had multiple check-ins with the client and relied on their expertise to ensure that our designs were appropriate form both a medical and sociocultural perspective.

There are limited mobile-first experiences for selecting birth control methods.

We analyzed 6 existing birth control/reproductive health digital experiences and found that there are not many native mobile experiences focused on choosing a birth control method. If a product is a mobile application, it is often centered around cycle tracking.

Additionally, we found that if there was a prompt to take a survey to find the best birth control fit, it is often framed around medical fit as opposed to lifestyle/value fit.