exploring through sketching

Produced 15+ different sketches
I narrowed in on volume control because it is consistent in placement (dashboard) and form (dial), yet the control can vary in attributes such as signifiers, feedback, iconography, etc. I felt this gave me constraints yet room to explore interaction design principles.

I considered the following design principles to help generate ideas for sketching: discoverability; use the overlooked; and polite software is interested in me.

I explored different control forms (dial, slider, screen, gestures) and I considered signifiers (iconography, labels, inner glow, dial ridges) and feedback (soundwaves, dial clicks, bars/numbers).

I was drawn to the idea of soundwaves and started to imagine different properties we could assign to volume (ex: emulate water). This led to the “pebbles as controls” sketch that peaked my classmates’ interests during the critique.