COVID-19 Education Resources

Over Summer 2020, I interned with Dezudio Studio and worked with Brooklyn Lab Charter School to develop resources around safe and equitable school reopenings during COVID-19. Dezudio wrote a wonderful Medium story on the project. 

News Intervention

What if tech pushed back and asked us to take a mindful pause before sharing news? Could we stop the spread of misinformation, broaden our perspectives, little by little think critically about the flux of information that comes our way?

CheckYourself is a proposed news intervention born out of a quick communication design project. It starts to scratch the surface on how we can stop news immediacy by leveraging trust within our social networks.

PGH Civic Hackathon - 3rd place winner

I participated in a local hackthon and worked with a multidisciplinary team of community members to design A Crowdsourced Summer: an online platform to share opportunities for our youth amidst the uncertain times of COVID-19.