Student Jobs Application

An online application for high school students to describe their skillset and career interests, which then allows nonprofit staff to match them with paid jobs and internships.

Boston Private Industry Council (PIC)
an education & workforce development nonprofit
Research and Evaluation Director
Employer Engagement staff
School-to-Career staff
Design Specialist & Executive Team Manager
Oct 2018 - Feb 2019

The Boston Private Industry Council (PIC) is recognized nationally for its youth employment program - generating thousands of work experiences for high school students every year.


PIC staff match students and employers based on available opportunities and student interests and skillset. However, staff did not have a formalized digital system for matching, making it difficult to maintain equity in the student pool of applicants as well as operationalize the workfow.

With my help leading the design process, the PIC created an online application for high school students interested in getting a job through the program. The application asks students about job/career interests and previous work experience. The application launched in early 2019 and reached over 400 students within a month.

leading the UX process


card sorting
user flows
interactive prototypes
user testing
staff interviews

The PIC was not familiar with user experience design, so my role was to identify and implement the appropriate UX tools and methods for the project.

By performing student-centered research, mapping staff workflows, and collaborating with external developers, I led the design process among an internal team of 12 to help create a seamless, digital experience for high school students.